What we scan

This free email verification tool is not just a simple syntax checker, we actually verify if email exists.


Let's check email syntax ([email protected])


Check if email really exist.


Check if Catch-all, Disposable, Bounce

Why check?

Did you receive an email from an unknown sender? Do you want to check if the email really exists or is still spam? This free tool can help you. We carefully analyze the email, such as the syntax, the server, the domain, the ip or if it is a professional email and we display the result in real time.

Want to send an email but don't know if the recipient really exists? Pre-checking an email can save you a lot of trouble, such as sending it to the spam box. For example, if you send more emails to Gmail recipients but some emails don't exist then you risk your domain and server being blacklisted and all the emails you send in the future will end up in spam.